Reproducibility and Reliability Working Group

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  • John Barker (NIST)
  • Peter Boesecke (ESRF Contact)
  • Stephen Henderson (UMD)
  • Rex Hjelm (LANSCE)
  • Jan Ilavsky (APS)
  • Peter Lindner (ILL)
  • Marc Malfois (Diamond)
  • Adrian Rennie (Uppsala University - chair)

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canSAS 2012 meeting discussions

Glassy Carbon Round Robin

Two samples of glassy carbons from Jan Ilavsky have been doing the rounds. They've been to NIST, ILL, ISIS, APS, ESRF and Diamond and currently are at ANSTO.

Details and data here : Glassy Carbon Round Robin

Polystyrene Latex Round Robin

Samples of a monodisperse polystyrene latex have recently been measured at ILL (D22 and D11), ANSTO (Quokka), ISIS (SANS2D). The samples are currently at NCNR awaiting measurement

Details and data here : Latex Round Robin