Glassy Carbon Round Robin

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Two samples of glassy carbons (labeled C4 and G9) from Jan Ilavsky have made their way (as of Dec 1 2008) to NIST, ILL and ISIS and will head on to Diamond and APS. Additionally another sample, labeled G8, has been measured at ISIS.

The samples are cut from glassy carbon material, manufactured by Alpha Aesar under description: Glassy Carbon type 2. These samples are manufactured in 50 x 50 mm plates, nominally 1 mm thick. Measurements with a micrometer were all between 0.99 and 1.01 mm

Experimental details and Data



Zip file of all data (in NIST 6 column format) with plots in PDF and Igor Pro formats


The collected data in canSAS XML format : GLASSYC_C4G8G9.XML‎

Excel file of that data with plots : Glassy_Carbons_C4_G8_G9.xls‎