Glassy Carbon Round Robin

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Two samples of glassy carbons from Jan Ilavsky have made their way (as of Dec 1 2008) to NIST, ILL and ISIS and will head on to Diamond and APS.

The samples are cut from glassy carbon material, manufactured by Alpha Aesar under description: Glassy Carbon type 2. These samples are manufactured in 50 x 50 mm plates, nominally 1 mm thick. Measurements with a micrometer were all between 0.99 and 1.01 mm



Experimental details and Data



Zip file of all data (in NIST 6 column format) with plots in PDF and Igor Pro formats


The collected data in canSAS XML format : GLASSYC_C4G8G9.XML‎

Excel file of that data with plots : Glassy_Carbons_C4_G8_G9.xls‎