Discussion Group B2

From canSAS

Collaborative development of reference and calibration standards and the next round robins

Discussion Leaders

  • Adrian Rennie


Discsussion Notes

We started by asking what people would like from 'round-robin', 'reference' and 'calibration' samples.

As regards calibration there is need to verify:

  • momentum transfer
  • intensity
  • resolution

The sample should be stable, non-toxic and should be available in sufficient quantity to be spread widely.

It was noted that no single sample might be ideal for all of these purposes across a range of instruments for both X-ray and neutron scattering.

Several ideas for samples were discussed and it was recognized that some of these would need initial tests as they had not been tested. These were also presented and augmented in the general discussion.

Some ideas were:

  • copolymers that show a correlation peak (e.g. styrene/polyisobutylene)
  • microfabricated samples such as gratings
  • deuterated sodium dodecyl sulfate crystals
  • polymers filled with silica or other particles

to be continued