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    • The following is the agenda of work posted under business. Please add comments here:
    • define scope, purpose, and goal of portal
    • list content type to which such a portal should give access.
    • Suggest method for hosting
      • ?more distributed or more centralized,
      • ?under auspices of a particular facility or SAS commission
      • ? .. or both etc)
    • Build a working straw landing page prototype
    • Build at least 2 or 3 subpages and/or designs on paper
    • plan for presentations
      • SAS 2012
      • SAS commission

There are a number of places on the www with information about small-angle scattering. A portal needs to provide links to relevant information and extra content. The working group needs to find a way to make information readily available in an attractive way for different categories of people that will include scientists curious about the technique but unfamiliar, potential users, experienced users, etc. Some current pages are:

IUCr SAS Commission

Software for small angle scattering


World Directory of SANS Instruments

BioSAXS data analysis software (EMBL Hamburg)

Wikipedia Small-angle Scattering

These pages are examples of what is already available. The challenge is to provide access and to integrate information.