2012 Data Discussion

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    • The following is the agenda of work posted under business. Please add comments here:
    • 1D Format
    • agree a proposed foreign namespace extension of the current 1D standard (required to enable, for example, t-o-f instruments to store auxillary wavelength-dependent non-I(Q) data in the same output files)
    • agree resultant changes to the schema/stylesheet
   ARJN - I would recommend that during this meeting that the current format then be 'parked', the new 2D format
          should be flexible enough to handle 1D and 2D data
    • 2D Format
    • define minimum necessary for reduced data
      • review previous discussions on 2D
      • considerations specific to 2D reduced data
      • consider forward looking issues such as
        • grazing incidence
        • event mode analysis
    • suggest format framework (NeXus extension, canSAS 1D extension, other) with brief discussion of the reason for the choice (including options considered, pros and cons of each, and final weighing)
    • Guide to how to make implementation easy.
    • Create straw format suitable for test/demonstration use and convert some test data for such a demonstration.
    • Provide a plan for presentation at SAS 2012